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Quality, All-Inclusive IVF

Quality, All-Inclusive IVF

Quality, All-Inclusive IVF

Welcome to New Life Colombia

Welcome to Surrogacy Colombia, part of a global network of IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies currently operating in nine different countries throughout the world. We believe that everyone willing to have a family deserves access to the services and solutions they need to overcome fertility struggles. This is why we are happy to offer our fertility solutions to parents-to-be of all backgrounds and walks of life, including single, heterosexual, gay, and HIV-positive individuals. Our Colombian Branch is our newest location and specializes in offering services to single, married and gay parents-to-be. In Colombia, we offer easy access to the care and services you need to make your dream of parenthood come true.

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World-Renowned Reputation

With high-quality care, an excellent global reputation, and the most modern assisted reproductive technologies, we have become known for our success stories and dedication to the families that come to us for help overcoming their fertility struggles. We have helped thousands of individuals from a variety of countries around the world, all sorts of backgrounds, and different walks of life become families.

More Than 12 Years’ Experience

Since its establishment over 12 years ago, Surrogacy Colombia has been blessed to help thousands of individuals become families. In this short time, we have established our name as a reliable and reputable clinic, offering families hope and a solution to overcome fertility struggles. All of our services and programs have high success rates.

We Put You First

We work diligently to ensure we can offer each and every parent-to-be that comes to us an exceptional and customized fertility solution. We know that the journey to parenthood while facing fertility struggles can be overwhelming—that is why we always put you first. We are here to help minimize the mental, emotional, and financial burdens typically associated with fertility solutions, so you can feel comfortable, confident, and excited as we work together to make your dream of.

Why Surrogacy in Colombia?

Surrogacy in Colombia is available to everyone, offering a unique alternative for homosexuals, singles and couples who are looking for a more affordable option. We provide exceptional care to our surrogate mothers and just the right Egg donor for you. In Colombia, gay surrogacy is allowed and we are pleased to be able to assist all singles, gay couples, and heterosexual couples. Our team is looking forward to welcoming you to Bogotá and through your surrogacy journey.

Affordable and Guaranteed Programs

We do not take our responsibility to our families lightly. We know when parents-to-be put their hopes and dreams in our hands that they have made a life-changing decision, and we are here to make their journey as exciting and enjoyable as possible. We strongly believe having a baby should be a time of excitement and celebration, not of worry, doubts, fears, and distress. Because so many fertility solutions can be overwhelming with mental, emotional, and financial commitments, at Surrogacy Colombia we are proud to offer affordable and guaranteed programs.

These programs help alleviate the mental, emotional, and financial distress by offering a solution that comes with one affordable financial commitment and guarantees you will have a baby to bring home at the end of your program.

Possibility to Speak with Successful Parents

We know that choosing a clinic is a critical decision, and we want you to feel completely confident when you choose Surrogacy Colombia, that you are making the right choice for your growing family. With high success rates, a highly trained and qualified team of fertility specialists, and exceptional care that goes above and beyond expectations, we know we can provide the remarkable experience you deserve as you start or grow your family.

If you would like to learn more about the experience we provide, we encourage you to speak with one of our representatives about meeting our successful parents. We have families who love speaking with parents-to-be about their journey to parenthood with us, and we know they would be happy to speak with you, too.

Our Team Is Here to Help You

We know that when it comes to starting or growing your family through fertility solutions, you have questions. We want you to feel completely confident in your decision, every step of the way, so we are always at your service. We are here to answer all your questions. To help alleviate the stressors commonly associated with these types of programs, we are proud to offer Guaranteed Programs. If you would like insider information on what experience you can have with us, you are invited to speak with our previous successful parents. If you need anything at all, we encourage you to reach out to our team.